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We create solutions that unlock our customers’ potential and enable them to achieve their goals through stimuli-based motor learning. Whether it’s in sports, health-care or gaming, we see uses of our technology that can improve performance and execution. We aim to make a difference, and to continuously push the boundaries of technology and learning.

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The deWiz golf training platform combines the patented biofeedback technology, state-of-the-art sensors and finely tuned algorithms to improve golf swings. The wearable technology delivers instantaneous feedback that is based on a scientific approach of breaking the cycles within motor learning and propelling golfers to their perfect swing.

proving the concept

Used and loved across the world

Today, the product is available across Europe, Asia, America, South Africa and Australia. deWiz golf wearable is used by professionals and serious golfers alike, with glowing feedback. Many of the world’s leading professionals are our ambassadors.

What is dewiz

An introduction to deWiz by Markus Westerberg

Based on research

where tech and neuroscience meet

  • The deWiz wearable device, coupled with the training platform in the deWiz app, means we can help golfers hit longer, straighter and closer.
  • Our technology is based on research in motor learning, which is the neuroscience of how to permanently change a person’s ability to perform a motor skill.
  • This scientific approach was then further tested and developed in collaboration with elite pro golfers, producing a revolutionary technology for golfers who are serious about improving their game.

THe heart of the matter

OUR COre Values

Embrace Ideas

Embracing ideas means having an open mind, thinking big and fostering a creative environment.

We want to push the boundaries of both business and technology and encourage out-of-the box thinking, which is what has gotten us this far. But it doesn’t stop here. We dare to dream even bigger.

Build Trust

We build trust by offering solutions of the highest quality, by being honest in all our endeavors and by being respectful in all our interactions.

We understand that everything communicates so our products, our services, and every action we take must aim to ensure that the recipient feels confident in their interactions with us.

Make a Difference

We want to make a difference; to our customers, to our shareholders – and in the world. Our focus is on creating solutions that unlock our customers’ potential and enable them to achieve their goals.

Our stakeholders should feel confident in our ability to push the boundaries in the industry. Making a difference in the world means taking responsibility and thinking in the long term.

WHere it’s heading

The potential applications are endless


We will work together with leading software developers in the world and leading experts and professionals in sports segments to provide real solutions to real needs

02 health care

The use of a neuroscientific approach combined with our stimulus based solutions could provide relief to certain health issues.


We imagine using our haptic technology to enhance user experience in the gaming industry, giving the players real physical feedback from their digital world.

04 Military

The deWiz haptic sting function could be used in military training. In a combat simulation, a hit could be mimicked by a stimulus, enhancing the learning and experience.